• The Right Questions - Straight Answers

  • The Right Questions - Straight Answers

  • The Right Questions - Straight Answers



Greystone Legal Associates, P.C.

The Right Questions – Straight Answers


Going to a lawyer is like going to a doctor – no one does so because things are going well. If you find yourself with your business, livelihood or reputation on the line, you need a legal partner with experience, strength, ingenuity and integrity. You are entitled to straight answers, candor and loyalty. We have been providing that kind of representation for 40 years in cases in state and federal courts in Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia and, more recently, Arizona.  We have garnered the highest ratings for both professional ability and ethics.

We have substantial experience assisting out-of-state counsel with matters in state and federal courts in Western Pennsylvania, and would be pleased to provide references to those seeking the assistance of local counsel.

The opportunity to discuss your legal situation with you will be appreciated.  We do not charge for initial consultations.

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Click below to find out more about our specific areas of practice:

  • Commercial Tort Claims
  • Wrongful Discharge/Termination
  • Wage/Hour Claims
  • Individual Tort/Personal Injury
  • Automobile Lemon Law Claims
  • Warranty Claims
  • Corporate Indemnification
  • Driver’s License Issues
  • Real Property Title Reviews and Searches
  • Mineral/Oil and Gas Title Reviews and Searches

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